“A good marriage is a contest of generosity.” — Diane Sawyer

Radio Interviews

Linda in the Media: Radio Interviews & Podcasts
jeff agostinelli
Linda sits down with host Jeff Agostinelli to talk about Love Cycles on his “Next Level” weekly podcast.
the art of charm
Linda joins host Jordan Harbinger to describe our Love Cycles.
the art of charm
Linda returns to sit with host Jordan Harbinger and explore what it takes to create Lasting Love.
the art of charm
Linda rejoins host Jordan Harbinger to discuss “The Narcissistic Continuum.”
linda carroll newsletter
“To be wholehearted, then, is to know we won’t arrive; we won’t cross a bridge and finally “get there.” Paradoxically, that’s what creates wholeness — our acceptance that perfection is beyond our reach. The gift we gain through the daily practice of love is to be more wholly present in each moment and to open ourselves to all of life with a full heart. The love that blossoms is real.”

— Linda Carroll, Love Cycles