“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

— Mark Twain

Coaching by Linda Carroll


Since obtaining my counseling license in 1980, I have been a student of the elements that create lasting positive change in individuals and couples. Continuing to educate myself on how people heal keeps me fascinated with my work and helps me to grow.

Six years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with several prominent life coaches, and then to work with one of them on an issue I felt particularly stuck on. Her skillful coaching questions offered me new insight and a clear path of action to follow a dream I’d not even known I had.

People often ask about the differences between life coaching and psychotherapy. Professional Leadership Coach and psychiatrist Wendy Shumway, MD, puts it this way:

“Therapy is a process that focuses on healing and reworking past experiences that have a hold on a client in the present. It helps the client develop the skills to cope adequately to be in the present in a functional way. Coaching focuses on clearing current obstacles in a client's path that keep them from moving forward into their desired future state of full, authentic living. If the hooks of the past keep distracting a client from their present and future, they are not ready for coaching and need to use a therapeutic process to resolve the grip that the past has on their ability to manage their attention.”

The more I learned about coaching, the more certain I was that I’d found the next professional area that I wanted to delve into. So, I trained with Emily Boorstein in her Inner Fitness Program, enrolled and completed my certification in the highly-rated Institute for Life Coach Training and became a Board Certified Coach. I already knew how to help people work with the lifelong patterns that got in their way; now, I became proficient in the skills to help them flourish – to discover and to follow their dreams.


Coaching Services

I offer one-on-one for couples and individuals via phone, Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.*

Sessions can be scheduled one at a time or in reduced-rate packages.

Savings Packages

Because many of us find that we need ongoing support to make changes, I am offering a significant reduction for packages of 5 and 10 sessions. I will teach you about infinity loops (the repeated arguments that never seem to end) and help you discover effective ways to get out of them. We will explore the five essential qualities of good communication, how to repair trust, and the three most important things to do to bring back passion and intimacy into your relationship.

PLEASE NOTE that coaching sessions must be used within one year of the date of purchase.
Any remaining balance of fees and sessions will be forfeited after one year.

* A note regarding phone calls, Zoom, Google Meet, & Skype: Like relationships, coaching involves trust and intimacy. Nothing replaces human contact. While Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype are essentially visual phone calls, they provide easy-to-use technology that allows us to be there with each other—even at great distances. I am quite comfortable using any of these methods for coaching purposes, and I am confident that you will, too. For more complicated issues beyond a coach's reach, I may recommend counseling with someone in your area.


Email me directly for any questions regarding registration and payment details.

One Session

Five Sessions
(save $75)

10 Sessions
(save $150)

Registration Form

The Coaching Registration includes your general information, your authorizations, and intake details that may help us during coaching. To access the online registration, click here:

"It is a treasure to be coached by Linda. She has such a vitality and understanding of life. This wisdom, partnered with her gentle caring, creates a space that is comforting, trusting, and easier to explore what is holding us back. Coaching with Linda clarifies forward steps we can take towards our goals and dreams."Christie Masters, MD, MBA • Newport Beach, CA