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The Love Cycles

An Introduction

Our new Love Cycles program includes:
• Part 1: The Introductory Weekend
• Part 2: Deepening
• Part 3: From Conflict to Real Connection

The program is a journey we will take together that will teach you the wisdom and practical skills to create a long-lasting and deeply satisfying relationship. It is an educational experience that will provide you with new, evidence–based ways to enhance your relationship.

The Love Cycles Couples Course

Weekend Intensive | Part One
with Linda, Deb Lyman & Dave Long

June 7 - 9, 2019
in Corvallis

Topics include:

  • A treasure chest of communication skills and tools to enhance self-knowledge
  • Healing old hurts and bringing more compassion, friendship and joy into your relationship
  • Learning how the mind and brain shape who we are and who we love

Love Cycles Couples

Week Intensive
with Linda, Tim Barraud, Deb Lyman & Dave Long

October 22 - 27, 2019
in Corvallis

Open to married and unmarried couples of all sexual orientations.

Topics include:

  • What We Never Learned About Sex
  • Undoing Infinity Loops
  • Deepening Your Love

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