Love Skills

The Keys to Unlocking Lasting, Wholehearted Love

Available February 14, 2020

Book cover for Linda Carroll's Love Skills

Linda Carroll's upcoming new book, Love Skills, is a companion workbook to her highly regarded Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love.

Love Skills is a practical guide to help readers design their own tool kit for creating and maintaining a loving relationship.

Exercises, activities, self-assessments, and other concrete tools allow readers to understand where they are in their relationship. Thorny issues are addressed, including the loss of sexual energy, why what once seemed endearing is now annoying, and the many ways that family history and personality type can wreak havoc in relationships.

Below are some exclusive excerpts from Love Skills, available February 14, 2020.

Finding the Gold

Love Skills: your best reflection

An age-old idea maintains that “love at first sight” or “finding the one” is the key to a long and successful partnership. I’m sure some people have had that experience, managing to turn their first head-over-heels infatuation into a long-term successful relationship. But just as often, it leads to disaster. I speak from experience.

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Publication Date: February 14, 2020
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