Love Skills for Couples

A transformative couple's workshop to reignite passion and turn relationship challenges into deeper connection and intimacy.

New Virtual Class Begins
February 15, 2024

then Thursdays, 5-6pm PST, through May 2nd

Learn how to:
  • Manage the challenges posed by the qualities that once attracted you
  • Break the cycle of criticism & defense
  • Understand personality types for a more passionate, fulfilling relationship
  • Practice the pause & top five communication skills
  • Explore desire, intimacy & sex
  • In just a few minutes each week, integrate three essential connection rituals
Ready to enhance connections?

Designed for couples, the first class is on me!

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your relationship's growth.


"Love is a feeling. Loving is a skillset." ⏤ Linda Carroll

  • First Class on February 15, 2024
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OPTION 1: $795 per couple
  • 10 one-hour virtual classes
  • Workbook
  • Weekly recommendations to helpful articles & blogs
  • Assessments in the skill & science of loving
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OPTION 2: $1,495 per couple
  • Everything from Option 2, PLUS:
  • Two private sessions with Linda
  • Private Enneagram style compatibility session with Deb Lyman
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"To be wholehearted, then, is to know we won’t arrive; we won’t cross a bridge and finally ‘get there.’ Paradoxically, that’s what creates wholeness — our acceptance that perfection is beyond our reach. The gift we gain through the daily practice of love is to be more wholly present in each moment and to open ourselves to all of life with a full heart. The love that blossoms is real."

⏤ Linda Carroll, Love Cycles

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Linda Carroll


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working as a psychotherapist for 35 years, a teacher, and a Board Certified Life Coach.

I am the author of Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love, which has been translated into four languages, and the highly-acclaimed book, Love Skills, published in 2020.

To reach as many people as possible about the steps to true intimacy, I frequently present my “Love Cycles” program at the renowned Rancho la Puerta wellness retreat and other venues across the country. I also speak about relationship issues on radio programs and podcasts, and I write for many online magazines.

The deepest meaning of being human has always fascinated me. Throughout my adult life, I’ve studied psychology, poetry, philosophy, spirituality and literature, and I’ve come to understand how those realms intertwine and enrich one another.

Additionally, I have found that my own everyday challenges—maintaining a loving, long-term relationship, raising children, developing my career, facing illness, and grieving the loss of people I love—have been my most valuable teachers. The very experiences that have brought me my greatest joys and pain have been the sources of my greatest life lessons.

Like anyone with whom I work, my own life has been filled with complexity. My calling is to use that complexity to help my clients claim their own stories and find their own paths.


I would welcome the opportunity to help you discover your next growth path, and to help you to safely and wisely reach your heart’s destination.

Linda Carroll: Couples