Couples Therapy

Linda Carroll: Couples Therapy

Linda Carroll: Couples Therapy

Imagine this promo blurb on the inside cover of a book:

“Once upon a time, there were two people who enjoyed perfect childhoods, fell in love, and sustained a sunny, passionate relationship over many decades. One day, after long and continuously healthy lives, they died.”

Few people, of course, would buy such a book. We know that the human journey is actually about both struggle and joy. It is about confronting obstacles as well as developing inner strength and resilience. A relationship journey is no different—except that two people experience these challenges and triumphs together.

Frequently, I see couples who think they want out of their relationship. Often, what they really want is a way out of the anger, hurt, and stress that dominate their interactions. However, when couples do decide to part ways, I help them find the courage to do so with dignity and care.

Early in my counseling practice, I realized that most couples I saw had trouble managing the conflicts and power struggles that are part of all intimate relationships. Compounding the problem, most couples lacked the tools to nourish and keep love alive. (This is entirely understandable, since few of us have ever had the opportunity to learn these skills!)

To address these needs, I became a Master Teacher in a renowned couples program called PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationships Skills). I am also a certified practitioner of Imago Relationship Therapy, which focuses on transforming conflict between partners into opportunities for deep healing. In addition, I have obtained certification from The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California, and have studied the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman, who have developed a research-based program to help partners build a strong marriage. Finally, in the interests of helping couples rediscover good sex, I am certified in the “Hot Monogamy” process developed by Dr. Patricia Love.

I offer four choices for couples work:

Couples & Families Intensive Program

"Spend a weekend with Linda Carroll and you will discover more ways to connect than you thought possible. Her skill, knowledge and empathy are immeasurable. I fell in love with my wife again and again and it has lasted long after our intensive ended."Sam Keen, Philosopher & Writer • Sonoma, CA
As I began to teach relationship skills and my Love Cycles program to large audiences across the nation, many couples asked if I could travel to their hometowns to personally help them create healthier, more vital relationships. With 30 years working as a couple’s counselor and 25 years teaching courses on intimate relationships, I was able to design a package that was tailored to an individual couple’s needs. The result is my Couples Intensive Program.

Perhaps you have a solid relationship that has somehow lost its “fizz,” and you long for deeper intimacy and a more vital sexual connection. Perhaps you and your partner have been together for a long time, but something is not quite right. Maybe your relationship is marred by recurring struggles about the same old issues, and you want to find a better way of resolving them. Or perhaps you are trying to heal from an affair. Maybe you and your partner feel emotionally distant from each other, but don’t know quite why. Often these problems feel unsolvable, because they’ve caused so much hurt and have dragged on so long. But believe me, if you want to heal and revitalize your relationship, you can.

I’ve witnessed it again and again. One effective path for understanding and growing your relationship is participating in a Couples Intensive Program. My original training was as a marriage and family therapist, and working with couples all over the country led to my working with families who work together, families in crisis, families who want greater communication skills with one another.

I offer this program as a series of several sessions over two consecutive days, usually held in a couple's home, at a local hotel, or in my office in Oregon. These private programs are ideal for busy people who seek to make significant changes swiftly, rather than going through a more lengthy process of traditional therapy.

Linda will travel to your city for a minimum of two days to work with individuals, couples, or families. Each day is no more than a 6-hour session. You can also meet with Linda in Corvallis or Portland, Oregon for your two-day retreat.

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I offer the intensive as a one-time program or as a yearlong package that includes several in-person meetings as well as phone and Skype sessions. Over the eight years I have been offering this program, I’ve witnessed couples making major and lasting shifts in their relationship--changes that last long after our work together is done. Following are some comments by “graduates” of the Couples Intensive Program:

“An affair almost destroyed our marriage of 37 years. The 3 two-day intensives with Linda not only healed our relationship but also helped us learn the skills and find the empathy to transform it to a place that we would never have believed possible. We spent so much money on golf lessons over the years, but it never occurred to us to invest in the most important relationship of our lives. We cannot recommend her work enough.”


“Our lives were in a series of crises. We weren’t sure how we’d navigate through it. Although reluctant to spend the time and money, we went for it. It didn’t take long for Linda to help move us to a much better place, not just with each other but our entire family. We still see Linda a couple of times a year for tune ups (as we call them).”