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Intensives for The Busy Couple

"Spend a weekend with Linda Carroll, and you'll discover more ways to connect than you thought possible. I fell in love with my wife again and again, and it lasted long after our intensive ended."

⏤ Sam Keen, Philosopher & Writer

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Linda joins Jordan Harbinger on his podcast for a probing, insightful discussion. Discover fascinating insights on love and relationships, including how best to deal with what happens when your partner forgets to buy the spinach.

Virtual Women's Group (Tuesdays)

Thriving in the Challenge
with Linda Carroll

Includes "Exploring the Enneagram"
with Deb Lyman

11 Virtual Sessions

Exploring friendship, love, forgiveness,
fear, loss & finding joy in everyday life.

July 27 - December 21, 2021

Virtual Women's Group (Wednesdays)

with Linda Carroll

15 Virtual Sessions

In a supportive and confidential group of
wise and willing women, we will explore the
pain and the promise of these times.

July 14 - December 22, 2021

Linda Carroll


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working as a psychotherapist for 35 years, a teacher, and a Board Certified Life Coach.

I am the author of Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love, which has been translated into four languages, and the highly-acclaimed book, Love Skills, published in 2020.

To reach as many people as possible about the steps to true intimacy, I frequently present my “Love Cycles” program at the renowned Rancho la Puerta wellness retreat and other venues across the country. I also speak about relationship issues on radio programs and podcasts, and I write for many online magazines.

The deepest meaning of being human has always fascinated me. Throughout my adult life, I’ve studied psychology, poetry, philosophy, spirituality and literature, and I’ve come to understand how those realms intertwine and enrich one another. Additionally, I have found that my own everyday challenges—maintaining a loving, long-term relationship, raising children, developing my career, facing illness, and grieving the loss of people I love—have been my most valuable teachers. The very experiences that have brought me my greatest joys and pain have been the sources of my greatest life lessons.

Like anyone with whom I work, my own life has been filled with complexity. My calling is to use that complexity to help my clients claim their own stories and find their own paths.

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TeleHealth is Available

TeleHealth is available, especially during this time when communities have implored and required us to self-isolate.

I have been working through Zoom and Skype for several years with individuals and couples, and successfully so, throughout the United States and overseas. For more information:

Just One at a Time

I am also the co-founder of a non-profit, One Story at a Time, which brings humanitarian aid and hope to the most vulnerable people and sentient beings ​in Mexican border towns and to support the volunteers who help.

To learn more about me,
and to see a film about our organization,
please click HERE.

Linda Carroll: Coaching

I offer on-on-one for couples and individuals, both by phone and via Skype. Sessions can be scheduled one at a time or in reduced-rate packages. This is designed to help you work with the lifelong patterns that get in the way, in addition to learning the skills to help you flourish, to discover, and to follow your dreams.

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Linda Carroll: Counseling

Whether your issue feels small or overwhelming, I can help you develop strategies to help you resolve it. When challenges are long-term and can’t readily be changed, I will help you better manage and accept them. Together, we'll work to increase your well-being, problem-solving abilities, and self-compassion.

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Linda Carroll: Couples

I know how fragile the ties that hold us together can feel. Frequently, I see couples who think they want out of the relationship, when what they really want is a way out of their pain and a set of tools for rediscovering intimacy and joy. I can help you to discover what you truly want in your intimate partnership.

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Linda Carroll: Classes

Upcoming and ongoing events, scheduled throughout the year, include Workshops for Couples, Workshops for Women, and Special Guests. Popular and effective, they include The Love Cycles Couples Course and the Summer and Winter Retreats. Most of these take place in or near Corvallis in Central OR.

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