No More Little Tips

We just want to be heard and validated—someone to sit beside us, rather than telling us how we “should feel.”

Just a Girl

Linda Carroll and friend at Linda's 80th birthday celebration.

There will be grand opportunities to live fully and wholeheartedly in a world of endless possibilities until the very last moment.

Joy and Intimacy

You can heal the wounds between you. You can restore the spark. You can feel more deeply connected than ever before.

The End of an Era

His morning latte: I begin the day with gratitude. It’s one of the rituals of our lives that I feel is the backbone of our relationship.

The Essence of Being Human

I refuse to turn away from the world’s pain and do my small part to make it less, while I continue to seek and bask in the light.

The Well at the World’s End

Has it always been this way in the world? Do social media and our hyperconnected AI world make it seem worse, or is it really getting worse?