Wholeheartedness and Impact

Imagine a small gesture to impact this world and those in it some way, each day. What is one thing you could do, right now, to begin?

RIP Aunt Tita

As Aunt Tita shows us, what matters most to human beings is a connection to others — belonging to a community and caring for it.

What Is Your Story?

The stories we tell ourselves, especially those we are unaware can profoundly shape our lives and relationships.

Comparative Suffering

I do think gratitude is as important to cultivate as empathy for all the suffering we see around us and experience within us.

I Can Hardly Say the Word!

Two things are always true: not shielding myself from the sorrow in the world and allowing the profound blessings of life to be present.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Our perspective is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, the internal narratives about ourselves and others.