Comparative Suffering

I do think gratitude is as important to cultivate as empathy for all the suffering we see around us and experience within us.

I Can Hardly Say the Word!

Two things are always true: not shielding myself from the sorrow in the world and allowing the profound blessings of life to be present.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Our perspective is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, the internal narratives about ourselves and others.

In the Spirit of the Burrito

Think about whether you may be using a shield or a sword out of habit when handing someone a burrito might change the whole trajectory.

Finding Whānau

The importance of finding the places where you can support others: our sense of well-being is fed as much by giving as it is by getting.

My Deepest Gratitude

Among the wise truths I embrace: “A good thing never makes up for a bad, and a bad thing doesn’t take away from the good.”