Finding Whānau

The importance of finding the places where you can support others: our sense of well-being is fed as much by giving as it is by getting.

My Deepest Gratitude

Among the wise truths I embrace: “A good thing never makes up for a bad, and a bad thing doesn’t take away from the good.”

Don’t Text Feelings at 6 a.m

While we may never reach a perfect and trouble-free relationship, quick repair is the secret of restoring connectedness.

On Rerouting

The moment we feel distressed, cortisol floods our bodies and brains, and our nervous system reacts to perceived danger.

“Buckle Up, Buttercup”

We all need resilience (from strength, not shame) and vulnerability and to give our partner the room to express each of those in the way s/he needs to.

What to Say (and Not) to Someone Who’s Grieving

Linda Carroll on Grief

Marilyn Mendoza wrote: “Remember that there is no magic wand that can take away the pain and grief. The best any of us can do is to be there & be supportive.” My mother, an articulate and highly accomplished writer, began to lose much of what she valued a few years ago.