The Red Zone of Communication

In order to be able to truly listen and respond well, our body needs to be at ease and open to connection.

Does Couples Therapy Really Work?

Everyone craves connection, respect, and appreciation. When we are denied these, the disappointment leads to emotional shutdown.

Why You Keep Dating The Wrong People

It’s easy to fall in love. It’s not so easy to make love last. It takes curiosity, emotional intelligence, and a willingness to give up being right.

Change of Plans

Faced with everything I was hearing about the loss of life…should we stop living our daily lives when facing all these calamities?

Family Stories

When I think about them being the kind of story my great-grandchildren could tell about me, the most astonishing was this one.

Be Right or Be Married

Do they move on, forgive, let it go, and appreciate that different preferences are not right or wrong? Do they focus on the things that work?