Family Stories

When I think about them being the kind of story my great-grandchildren could tell about me, the most astonishing was this one.

Be Right or Be Married

Do they move on, forgive, let it go, and appreciate that different preferences are not right or wrong? Do they focus on the things that work?

Embracing the Blues

According to the calendar and gardening podcasts, spring should be bursting out soon, but I’m not seeing too many signs of it right now.

The Toothpick Man

I remembered some advice I heard when I had small kids: “Catch your child doing something right.”

Teaching a Cat to Bark

The idea of radically accepting “what is” requires letting go of how we think things should be…and getting on with “loving what is.”

Wholeheartedness and Impact

Imagine a small gesture to impact this world and those in it some way, each day. What is one thing you could do, right now, to begin?