12 Truths About Defensive Behavior

“My partner is too defensive” is a common complaint I hear as a couples therapist. We are all wired to protect ourselves — so most of us get defensive at least sometimes. Here are 12 truths about defensiveness that can help us better understand this impulse.

The One Thing To Turn Your Goals Into Reality

Creating a spiritual life is like writing a story. Ultimately, it is a mystery—one that will not unfold unless you go into the workroom and make an effort, however banal and humdrum it feels. In other words, you have to practice.

How To Make Your Relationship Feel Brand-New

Almost every animal species engages in some form of play. Animals splash or tumble or roll over one another. In Cuba, two crocs played in a courtship ritual, with the male inviting the female to take rides on his back in their pool.

The Difference Between Love and Limerence

We find ourselves justifying relationships that are unrequited, toxic, or just lacking in fulfillment of basic needs. A zircon love affair is doomed to break your heart. You are worthy of a diamond. Here’s what being love-crazy looks like:

Guest Blog: Building Relationship Skills

Linda Carroll Guest Post

Myth: “Having had a happy childhood is a prerequisite to having a great relationship as an adult.” If this myth were true, most of us would be doomed to relationship hell.

The Single Most Destructive Factor In Relationships

When we feel disenchanted with being in love, it’s easy to think that we’re the only ones struggling with such troubles. We tend to compare how we feel about our relationship with how other couples appear.